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The compact TouchMonitor TM3 comes with a capacitive 4.3“ touch screen and intuitive preset control at an affordable price. With its feature list, it is the ideal solution for editorial offices, edit suites, small control rooms, and all applications with the need of easy readable loudness-compliant level control.

The Unit
TM3 consists of a display unit for vertical or horizontal use and a remote interface box. It handles analog or digital stereo signals (TM3) and digital 6-channel signals (TM3-6CH). TM3‘s flexible user interface allows the selection of up to 10 presets quickly and simply with just a finger swipe. The contained factory presets present a cross-section of the applications, audio connections and standards and allow you to start working right out of the box.

The Devicer Software
When it comes to configuring local presets using the Devicer DC1 software application (Windows® and Mac OS X® compatible), the TM3‘s power and flexibility really shines. Existing presets easily can be personalized and adapted to individual needs. Furthermore, Devicer DC1 allows to create several configuration sets with different presets, which may be uploaded to TM3 as required. (Devicer DC1 is available for free in the Audio Monitors/TouchMonitor TM3 section of members area (Manuals & Software)). Purchase and activation of software licences can also be managed with the Devicer.

The Instruments
Besides PPM and True Peak instruments, the TM3 features comprehensive loudness measuring features conforming to all relevant international standards (EBU R128, ITU-R BS.1770-3/1771-1, ATSC A/85, ARIB, OP-59, AGCOM, CALM Act). Loudness instruments include single-channel and summing bargraphs, loudness range and numerical displays.


4-Channel Metering Solution for Broadcast Environments
Loudness, true peak, PPM, vectorscope, moving-coil instruments, RTA, and correlation: The TMR7 TouchMonitor 4-channel solution featuring 7“ touchscreen and the unique TouchMonitor operating concept integrates all metering options required in radio broadcasting to a solution made to measure. Two AES3 digital inputs allow for parallel monitoring of the on-air signal and a PFL source.

The hardware and software of the TMR7 TouchMonitor are perfectly adjusted to radio-broadcast requirements. The technological basis of the new unit is the TM7 TouchMonitor with its flexible modular configuration. Available as desktop, fitted, or OEM unit, the TM7 covers all applications in professional audio metering.

Easy Integration
Thanks to its versatile interfaces, the TMR7 makes integration into any studio environment a breeze. The four audio inputs provided by the two AES3 XLR ports are flexibly configurable for mono, stereo, or multichannel sources, providing separate instruments for each source. Plus, the GPIO interface for overall control, the Ethernet port, and the VGA output for external display units offer even more functionality.

Simple but Flexible
The intuitive operating concept of the TouchMonitor range offers maximum flexibility. Freely scalable instruments can be moved to any position on the graphical surface, allowing you to personalize the entire screen area. Views, scaling, and metering standards are separately definable for each signal source. In addition, the convenient on-screen help function supports you during the setup whenever needed.

Sony MDR7506 Headphone

The industry standard in low-cost headphones, Sony’s MDR-7506! The MDR-7506 features a closed-ear design for reduction of external interference and a stereo UniMatch plug, which allows use in both 1/4" and 1/8" applications. The clever collapsible design means they’re easy to take with you!

JK Audio Broadcast Host

The JK Audio Broadcast Host turns your desktop into a professional broadcast center. It contains everything you need to get talk show quality phone recordings into your mixer or sound card.
Connect a mic and headphones for a simple broadcast back to the station. Already at the station? Use Broadcast Host in your newsroom to record high quality interviews. Broadcast Host allows you to send mic and line level signals into the phone line while maintaining excellent separation between your voice and the caller. The stereo output jack on the back of the unit provides your voice on one channel and only the caller’s voice on the other channel. The balanced XLR output jack contains only the caller’s voice.
The digital hybrid connects audio signals to a standard analog telephone line without the transmit / receive crosstalk common to analog hybrids. The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) continuously monitors both the phone line and audio signals to deliver excellent separation. This proprietary, dual-convergence echo canceller algorithm can achieve excellent separation, typically exceeding 50 dB, without any setup and without sending a noise burst down the line.
Broadcast Host provides connections for a microphone, headphones, mixer, sound card, telephone and your analog telephone line. An auxiliary telephone is only required to place outgoing calls. The auxiliary telephone is disconnected when you press the “Call” button, and reconnected when you press the “Drop” button.

Broadcast Host features Auto-Answer/Auto Disconnect for use in IFB and monitoring applications. Other applications include telephone interviews, talk shows, church PA interface, and conference room full duplex applications.
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Audio-Technica BPHS-1 Headset

Created especially for on-air news & sports broadcasting, announcing & interviews, this rugged stereo headset offers natural, highly intelligible and focused vocal reproduction, closed-back circumaural (around-the-ear) ear cups to seal out background noise, and a high-output dynamic microphone mounted on a flexible gooseneck boom.

The headset’s microphone has a cardioid polar pattern tailored for pickup of speech with maximum voice intelligibility over a wide range of frequencies. It is more sensitive to sound originating directly in front of the element, making it useful in reducing pickup of unwanted sounds. The flexible gooseneck boom swivels for easy positioning on either the right or left side.
Its microphone features polar pattern and frequency response tailored for natural, highly intelligible vocal reproduction.

Closed-back circumaural ear cups help seal out crowd noise and other background distractions.
Features Neodymium magnets in microphone and headphones for high output level and detailed sound reproduction

Rugged design with user-replaceable cable and ear pads

Cardioid pickup pattern of the dynamic microphone rejects off-axis sounds

Boom-mounted microphone can be positioned on the left or right side

Adjustable cushioned headband and lightweight design for long-wearing comfort

Cable termination:
3-pin XLRM-type connector for microphone
¼” 3-conductor for headphones

CTP Systems dBox 2

 The dBbox2 allows monitoring, metering and generation of analogue, AES/EBU and SPDIF audio from a pocket sized box.
The dBbox2 includes a simple five key menu interface to make any test as simple as possible.
The case has been formed using our own purpose designed aluminium extrusion then machined and painted to give the unit it's very individual look.
What you can do with the dBbox2:
Monitor mono or stereo line level analogue inputs using the built in speaker or 1/4 inch or 3.5mm headphones. Meter using either PPM or VU scale also with stereo phase meter.

Monitor microphone level analogue inputs, with or without 48v phantom power, using the built in speaker or headphones. Meter using either PPM or VU meter scale with stereo phase meter.

Monitor AES/EBU balanced or unbalanced inputs using the built in speaker or headphones. Meter using -18dBFS, -20dBFS, PPM or VU scale with stereo phase meter.

Analyze AES sample rate, status and data errors.

Generate steady tone, tone sweep, GLITS, EBU, left only, right only, on both analogue and AES/EBU outputs. Tone frequency may be adjusted in third octave steps. Adjust Tone level from +10 to -60dBu in 1dB steps.

Use the built in microphone to talk to analogue or AES/EBU outputs.

dBbox2 Generates pink noise and send to left/right/both outputs in both analog and AES/EBU with a choice of levels in 1dB steps from +10dBu to -60dBu.

Use the built in microphone to talk to AES outputs with a choice of levels and with a built in limiter.

Send an external mic to analog and AES outputs with gain adjust and phantom power.

Phantom power test with voltage read out. Also useful for checking 2 wire talkback power and channel.

MIDI receiver identifying channel, note on/off and note number.

dBbox2 MIDI transmitter with a choice of note, channel and velocity, note on and note off.

Analyze incoming MIDI signals with pass through.

Use the dBbox2 as an analog to digital or a digital to analog converter with adjustable gain in 1dB steps, a limiter and HF, LF and Mid range equalization.

Mono or stereo microphone amplifier with 48v phantom power and analog, AES/EBU or SPDIF output. Also with adjustable gain in 1dB steps, a limiter and HF, LF and Mid range equalisation.

Four wire box using the built in microphone and speaker or headphones.

Monitor and meter 2 wire channels.

Test XLR, BNC and MIDI cables.

Output tone and monitor incoming audio simultaneously using Analogue or AES inputs and outputs. Particularly useful for frequency response and performance tests.

Intelligent power control to extend battery life. The dBbox2 automatically switches off all electronics not required for the current task. A dynamic battery level indicator shows if you have enough battery power for a selected function.

dBbox2 Switchable backlight.

Update firmware online using the dBbox2 USB port via CTP Systems web site.

External power input via a standard mini usb.

Protective case available with belt mount.

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