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PR&E Consoles by Wheatstone

Here is the latest and greatest from Legacy console manufacturer Pacific Recorders, by Wheatstone. Read about the console line below!

Netwave Consoles

Comprehensive logic facilities, dual or quad metering,
and full compatibility with VMConnected Network Core
devices audio management devices and software are
among the many reasons why the NetWave console
continues to be a popular choice among engineers,
programmers, and on-air talent.


StereoMixer digital is perfect for applications such as small air studios, voice tracking studios, production rooms, nonlinear editing suites and newsrooms. 
The rackmount version gives you the same power in a standalone footprint. It is ideal for news workstations or any place you need high-quality digital mixing in a compact form factor.

RMX Console

You’re invited to take a closer look at the RMXdigital
— a console with features and functionality that will
exceed your expectations.

Oasis Consoles

Oasis™ is a high-value standalone audio
console for on-air and radio production applications. Simply connect
microphones, source equipment and audio monitors — even a PC
automation channel (no sound card required) — directly into the Oasis
console and be on the air.

Bradley Broadcast Division of SCMS

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