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PR&E Consoles by Wheatstone

Here is the latest and greatest from Legacy console manufacturer Pacific Recorders, by Wheatstone. Read about the console line below!

PR&E DMX Series IP Consoles

Utilizing a WheatNet-IP protocol-based network and engine, the DMX is the first PR&E console to offer AoIP networking and expansion. This means that you get the speed and flexibility to have a complete, self-contained setup, and the ability to add-on, without the need for an external switch. 

PR&E Razors

DMX utilizes WheatNet-IP protocol to access, control, and process any and all audio sources on the network. Each of the Razor I/O Interfaces pictured above provides you with 8 analog, digital, or analog/digital inputs and outputs, as well as logic and Ethernet connections on RJ45 connectors.

DMX Engine

R&E Mix Engine uses RJ45 connectors for all audio (StudioHub+ format), logic (WheatNet-IP-format), and network connections, except for the 2 mic preamp inputs (XLR).

Connections include Mic Preamps Out; 4 stereo/dual mono analog inputs; 4 stereo/dual mono digital inputs; four stereo Program outputs (both analog and digital); 4 stereo analog Monitor outputs (Control Room, Studio, Cue, and operator headphones); 6-port logic GPIO; Engine Ethernet port; 5-Port Ethernet switch to network the Surface, Engine, and three additional devices.

With two sizes of control surface (8- or 16-channel) available, DMX puts a lot of radio control into a very small footprint – everything you need to take it to the air.

PR&E EMX IP Consoles

 With EMX, PR&E presents an AoIP networkable console that can handle even the most demanding installations. 

The EMX control surface is a fully integrated standalone console for on-air and production applications. It is available in three Surface frame sizes that hold 16, 20, or 28 fader channels and features four stereo program buses, two stereo auxiliary buses, and a bus-minus system that allows Telco (mix-minus) devices to be used on any fader.

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