The Telos Link

From the Telos factory in Cleveland comes this very useful device to connect intercom systems via phone lines. Your crew can communicate as effortlessly as if they were together in one location.

The Link allows natural, full-duplex communication without level or feedback problems, thanks to adaptive digital hybrid technology. Both the telco and comm paths use digital auto-nulling hybrids, so neither party misses a syllable. A digital audio processor performs automatic gain control, smart gain switching to enhance hybrid performance, high pass filtering to reduce hum and interference, pitch shifting for feedback reduction, and call signal generation.

The Link has an interface for RTS, Clear-Com, and other intercom systems. Other features include a wet single channel operation option to provide power to belt packs and metering for both intercom and telco levels. The auto-answer function lets field personnel simply call in to be connected. Rack mounting kits are available.

(Note: The popular Telos ONE phone hybrid is available in versions for interfacing four-wire intercom systems with dial-up phone lines or two-wire intercoms. Call us for info.)


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PortaCom Wired Intercom System

PORTACOM is a flexible, high-performance wired intercom built so smart and simple, it wonít knock a whole in your budget!PORTACOM gives you two channels without sacrificing power or sound quality, and with two channels youíll be able to start with a basic four-person system and expand all the way up to a 20-person system.

Portable or rackmountable, PORTACOM is so flexible and easy it connects with standard microphone cables and 3-pin XLRís.Available in either a single or dual earpiece, the headsets are comfortable, lightweight and have noise canceling microphones.Each beltpack has its own channel switch, volume control, call light and microphone on/off button.†† When AC power isnít available, you can operate your intercom system on 6 D-cell batteries.


Larger systems are available (components pictured).

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Telex Intercom Systems

Youíll see the Telex name on TV every weekend, adorning the heads of coaches who stomp up and down the sidelines, their neck veins bulging as they direct their troops. Telex is built to take the abuse, not only on the field but in broadcast vans, theaters, and lecture halls.

Audiocom is versatile, capable of balanced or unbalanced formats, single or two channel lines, wet or dry operation, even in limited rack space. Components are modular, letting the system grow with you. You can set up simple belt pack party lines, or sophisticated, director-controlled networks with multiple channels, IFBís, and matrix control. Use standard mic cable to connect up to 22 channels of user stations, belt packs, speaker stations, and power supplies.

Radiocom is a wireless alternative to any intercom, performing like a wired system thanks to quality VHF highband commanding, full duplex. It has a built in interface for connection to Audiocom balanced line systems, RTS, and other unbalanced systems such as Clear-Com.

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Clear-Com Intercom Systems

Clear-Com likes to say that talk is cheap. They make high-quality intercom systems available at a low price. Clear-Com systems are simple to set up, very reliable, and expandable, suitable for churches, theaters, and concert halls. Call us for info on a Clear-Com system for you.

New from Clear-Com is the AB-100 On-Air Announcerís Console, a compact desktop unit designed for sports and live event broadcasting. It integrates all the inputs, outputs, and controls needed at the announce position, including intercom talkback,IFB, and a mute button. The built-in headphone amp lets the talent hear program audio, IFB, and/or intercom audio. Dual volume controls let the operator set either side of the stereo headphone feed for the best

mix of intercom and program levels. Power it from most intercom and IFB systems, external DC,

or the supplied AC adapter. Connect it to virtually any one- or two-channel intercom system.


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JK Audio RemoteAmp

Use JK Audioís RemoteAmp as an IFB earpiece or headphone amplifier, or as an on-stage monitor headphone amplifier. This powerful, 1-watt amplifier will cut through the crowd noise without distortion. RemoteAmp clips to your belt and accepts a 3-pin XLR audio input from a mixer, distribution amplifier, telephone line hybrid or a handset interface like JK Audioís QuickTap IFB, listed below. Convenience features such as a separate power switch allow you to leave the volume control set at a comfortable level, and you'll appreciate the common sense features like the battery test indicator and easy change battery door.



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JK Audio Quicktap IFB

This useful device connects to the handset cord of any phone, providing an IFB tap with both 1/8" mono jack with volume control, and a fixed output 600 ohm male XLR output. No batteries or AC are required for operation.

JK Audio Quicktap


JK Audio Quicktap IFB (Shown)



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Sennheiser HMD 25-1

The HMD 25-1 has comfortable closed supraural earpieces for good isolation, and a supercardioid mic with 50Hz-12kHz response. Headphone response gives that great Sennheiser sound at 30Hz-16kHz. The six-foot cable is unterminated. Also available the HMD-25 XQ with XLRís and 1/4" TRS Connectors.

HMD 25-1






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Beyerdynamic DT Series

 TheDT 190 from Beyerdynamic is a closed headset with the addition of the DM190 dynamic, hypercardioid microphone. The DT 190 is a balanced, noise-canceling microphone with high SPL capability. It provides excellent isolation from ambient noise and offers precise audio performance. It is mounted on an adjustable boom to allow accurate positioning for optimum sound and minimal ‘poppingí. Headphone frequency response is 10-30,000 Hz and mic frequency response is 40-12,000 Hz. This high quality headset is designed for broadcasting, monitoring and communication purposes such as commenting at sports events or for intercom systems at live concerts and other situations, which require precise audio performance.

Cable with 3-pin XLR and 1/4 phone plug breakouts included.

The DT 290 double muff headset from Beyerdynamic elevates on-air broadcast headsets to a new level of audio quality and comfort.Studio quality headphones, combined with a high output, studio quality, noise canceling, balanced microphone make the DT290 an ideal choice for on-air applications.Fully modular in design, with a detachable cable, the DT290ís ergonomic styling is aesthetically pleasing to on air talent while meeting the rugged demands of mobile broadcast applications.(Also available in a single-sided DT280 version.)

The DT 108 and DT 109 headsets from Beyerdynamic are the leading headsets for all production applications from on-air broadcast use to IFB and intercom functions.Fully modular in design, the DT 108 and DT 109 are fully field serviceable.Extremely durable, and yet comfortable for long term use, the DT 108 and 109 employ a circumaural design for excellent acoustic isolation and utilize an unbalanced dynamic microphone.The DT 108 is the single sided version, while the DT 109 is a double muff headset.Available in black or gray and in either 50 or 400 ohm impedances.Standard cable is bare ended, and pre-connectorized cable for RTS and Clear Com compatible systems are available.

DT 190


DT290 (80ohm)


DT290 (250ohm)


DT 108


DT 109


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Telex Headsets

Intercom headsets must meet a different standard. Theyíre worn constantly, so they must be lightweight and rugged. The audio needs to be clean and clear, targeting voice frequencies. Yet they canít bust your budget, because you have other things to spend your money on.

The PH-1 is a single-sided, full cushion monaural headset with dynamic, noise-cancelling boom mic with response of 100Hz-8kHz. Earphone output is 105dB. The PH-2 is a dual-sided version.

If you prefer a lightweight model, choose the PH-4 dual sided headset with 98dB earphone output, or the PH-8 single-side version. Mic response is 50Hz-10kHz.

All models listed have earphone impedance of 150 ohms and earphone response of 50Hz-15kHz; all have five foot cable terminated in a female XLR-4 connector. (For male connector, add R to the part number.)










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Shure SM2

Youíll be a hero for finding great headset quality at this price. Itís for radio, TV, film, and video. The boom puts the mic on either side of the head. The mic is designed to be used very close to one corner of the mouth; it reduces distant noise effectively. The set is heavy duty but weighs less than 11 ounces and is soft against your ears. Mic response is 50Hz-15kHz, headphones 100Hz-8kHz. The cable is detachable for quick and easy changes between mono, stereo, or split feed headphone functions. Cable is unterminated.


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