Sabine Feedback Exterminators

Your graphic EQ is fine for shaping sound, but if you use it to control feedback, the width of its filters means you may be removing a lot of good stuff too. An FBX-1020Plus or 2020Plus, placed in front of your power amp, senses feedback and, in less than a half-second, places a super-narrow adaptive digital filter on the resonating frequency. It’s automatic and v-e-r-r-r-y precise.

This will help audio pros anywhere. You get feedback control and increased clarity. At last you can crank up those monitors. Connectors are XLR and 1/4" TRS, balanced and unbalanced. The FBX 2020Plus is a dual mono version with a few extra features thrown in.

The FBXSOLO is a miniature version of the 1020Plus and 2020Plus, controlling feedback on one input channel. Pack one with your wireless mic setup. Monitor engineers can patch one on any offending channel. Mount up to six in a rack tray. Choose line or mic input versions; the latter has a pre-amp and phantom power.

FBX-1020Plus 20-bit, single channel




FBX-2020Plus 20-bit, dual channel








FBX-SOLO SL-820 Line version




FBX-SOLO SM-820 Mic version




Rack Tray (holds 6 SOLOS)




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Sabine PowerQ Digital Audio Processor          

Since 1993, Sabine’s ADF Series has provided sound engineers with a powerful array of digital audio shaping and processing tools. Now the new POWER-Q ADF-4000 combines the functions of seven separate products into one easy-to-use 2U package, and does it without the compromises of other multi-function units. 24-bit A/D processing and Analog Devices’ new SHARC floating-point processor give the POWER-Q unparalleled audio quality and flexibility. The POWER-Q’s integrated features replace two full racks of gear, offering two channels of:

.  Up to 12-band Parametric Equalizer, with Hi & Lo Pass Filters

.  31-band Graphic Equalizer, with adjustable filter widths

.  Up to 12-band FBX-Feedback Exterminator, with adjustable sensitivity

.  Real Time Analyzer-full-featured & filter based, with reference mic input

                All Power-Q functions operate concurrently, providing you with a low cost, top quality alternative to racks full of single-function devices costing thousands more. You get the most powerful

combination of equalization, gain management, and signal processing tools available at any price.

Power Q  60SBPOWERQ        MFR LIST    $1,799.95

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Sabine Real-Q2

No matter how long you spend at setup, it’s impossible to anticipate every change in the acoustics of a performance space. Wouldn’t it be great if someone came up with a sub-audible noise generator so you could continue the real-time analysis during the concert? Then you could measure and compensate for changes in the sound field during the performance. While we’re dreaming, why not hook the RTA directly to the house EQ and let it push the sliders automatically to maintain your EQ curve in real time?

The Real-Q2 only adjusts for changes in the room acoustics, not changes in the mix. You keep full control of the mixing console, program EQ, FBX-Feedback Exterminators, and all other signal processors that precede it in the signal path. If you decide to add bass to the mix, the Real-Q will not compensate. However, if the audience absorbs the bass, the REAL-Q automatically boosts the equivalent amount.

Real-Q2 installation and operation is about as easy as using your CD player. Just patch it in and in a few keystrokes, the Real-Q2 automatically analyzes and flattens the room, or matches any curve you create. Then it monitors and compensates for any changes in the auditorium - changes that will other

wise ruin your sound.  On the other hand, if you want full control, the Real-Q2 provides a full-featured RTA and noise generator, digital graphic EQ, graphic display of the room’s response curve, and storage for 100 different response curves.

The strength of the Real-Q2 algorithm is its combination of simplicity and robustness. Since it generates and measures its own reference tones, it is independent of changes in the mix; in fact, the Real-Q2 cannot hear the program material during analysis. Program level, signal processing and even reference microphone placement do not affect the measurements. The REAL-Q2 operates in the

background to constantly provide the correct room equalization-indefinitely.

REALQ2  60SBREALQ2         MFR LIST    $1,999.95

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Sabine Graphi-Q 3100 Graphic Equalizer

The Graphi-Q 3100 Graphic Equalizer Series combines four indispensable audio products into one very affordable, all digital package.... with an easy to use hands-on interface!  With the touch of a fader you can shape your frequency response using the Graphi-Q’s 31-band digital graphic EQ.  Use the parametric EQ to control your filter width, depth and frequency. Time align your speakers with the digital delay. Manage your system gain with the Graphi-Q digital compressor/limiter. Finally, add 3 to 9 dB extra gain and automatic feedback control with Sabine’s patented FBX technology.  The Graphi-Q gives you instant hands-on, front panel control for every function, or choose the blank front panel versions for the ultimate in system security and economy. RS-232 remote computer control, over 70 on-board program memories and remote switching via contact closures are standard in all Graphi-Qs (slave or full front panel).

Other important features include a BYPASS and RESET matrix to manage the status of every Graphi-Q function, all in one window. Make fine adjustments to other Graphi-Q functions, including graphic EQ filter widths, from 12 octave to one full octave; manual or automatic clip level control; or attack, release, and knee on the compressor.  It will even show you a line graph of your gain structure, graphically displaying the thresholds and ratios.

Single-channel Graphi-Qs have two outputs for maximum system flexibility. Graphi-Q Remote allows you to independently choose which functions are active in each of the two outputs, and to set delays independently for each output.


Using your computer as a platform gives you unlimited memory storage of Graphi-Q files. Each file holds up to 70 presets, and you can transfer these settings to the on-board memory locations within each Graphi-Q. You can also access the first seven Graphi-Q memory locations via the back-panel Euro-block remote switching connectors. Using a simple contact closure switch, you can offer scene change options to users who have no other access to any Graphi-Q controls.

.  31-band Digital Graphic EQ, with; 6 or 12 dB range and High & Low Cut Filters.

.  Patented FBX Feedback Exterminator: 12 Filters; switchable to fully parametric (GRQ Remote); Automatic TURBO FBX Setup Mode via GRQ Remote Software for Windows

.  Digital Compressor/Limiter

.  Digital Delay, with up to 1 second delay, adjustable in 20 microsecond increments.

Single Channel:





GRQ-3101S (Slave)




Dual Channel:









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Rolls Graphic EQ’s

REQ131-31 Band EQ

The Rolls REQ131 is a single channel, 31 band graphic equalizer.  Utilizing standard ISO frequency centers (1/3 octave) and a ±12 dB boost/cut for each band, adjustment is further enhanced by adjustable hi/low shelving filters.  The Q is fixed at 10.  Input and output connections are made by any combination of XLR, 1/4" and RCA jacks.  The unit offers a frequency response of 10Hz-30kHz ±3dB, with a THD: <0.03%.  The REQ131 will deliver high quality

frequency control right where you need it.

REQ131  61RLEQ131            MFR LIST    $250.00

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REQ215 Dual 15-Band EQ

The Rolls REQ215 is the stereo sibling of the REQ131.  Instead of 31 bands, the REQ215 serves up two channels with fifteen ISO standard bands (2/3 octave) each and the same adjustable hi/low shelving filters.  With a fixed Q of 5, the REQ215 is the clear choice when you need uncompromised stereo-graphic equalization in a 1U package.

REQ215  61RLREQ215          MFR LIST    $250.00

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RPQ160 4-Band Parametric EQ

The Rolls RPQ160 is a four-band parametric equalizer for the professional audio installation and touring rig.  Each frequency band has a variable Frequency select control, which adjusts the frequency center, a Width (Q) control which varies the shape of the equalization curve, and a ±15 dB Level control. Additional frequency control has been provided with variable High/Low pass shelving filters. An overall level control, a bypass switch, and a power LED round out the front panel.  Since equalization is used on virtually every type of audio signal and in various applications, the RPQ160 has RCA, 1/4" and XLR inputs and outputs provided on the rear panel. The unit is housed in a steel 1U rack space chassis, has an internal power supply, and is designed to withstand the rigors of road use.

RPQ160  61RLRPQ160          MFR LIST    $300.00

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DOD Equalizers


When rack space is limited, but a stereo equalizer is essential, the SR430Q-XLR is the solution. Its one rack space design combines two 15 band, 2/3 octave equalizers, each with constant Q filters, and independent low cut filters.  I/O provisions include both XLR in/out and balanced 1/4". 

The SR431-QXLR is a single rack space, 31-band 1/3 octave graphic equalizer. Its fully shielded internal transformer provides extremely quiet operation. And like all of the SR line of equalizers,

 it has constant Q filters. I/O provisions include both XLR in/out and balanced 1/4". It also features a low cut filter at 50Hz with a 12dB/Octave Slope.



MFR LIST    $139.95



MFR LIST    $139.95

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Longer throw faders provide more precise adjustments when equalizing a room. The SR830Q-XLR offers 2 channels of equalization each with 15 bands of 45mm faders. The all-steel chassis construction can handle the abuse of the road, or the solace of a permanent installation.  Balanced I/O, on both XLR and1/4".


The SR831Q-XLR is a 1/3 octave, 31 band, constant Q equalizer housed in a two-rack space, all steel chassis. It includes a shielded internal power supply, balanced XLR input/outputs, as well as balanced 1/4" inputs and impedance balanced 1/4" outputs.

SR830Q-XLR          60DOSR830QXLR  MFR LIST    $179.95

SR831Q-XLR          60DOSR831QXLR  MFR LIST    $179.95

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dbx 20 Series EQ’s

Speaking from a bang-for-the-buck perspective, the 20 Series EQ’s from dbx offer a feature set unequalled in any other EQ available.  Introduced in 1997, these EQ’s are perfectly suited for touring as well as permanent installations.  Offering the ability to increase signal-to-noise ratio by up to 20dB, the 20 Series EQ’s make significant improvement in noise specs to almost any sound system.  Choose from one of the three different models listed below.




2031  A 2U space single 31-band 1/3 octave EQ with XLR, 1/4" and barrier strip ins and outs for seamless integration into any system.

2031 EQ  60DB2031               MFR LIST               $599.95

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2215 The little brother to the 2031, it features two channels of 15-band 2/3rds octave EQ.

2215 EQ  60DB2215               MFR LIST               $599.95

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2231  Features two channels of 31-band 1/3 octave EQ with XLR, 1/4" and barrier strip ins and outs.  The 2231 is 3U high.

2231 EQ 60DB2231               MFR LIST               $749.95

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Rane Micro-Graphic Equalizers

Reliable Rane EQ’s are now improved with both balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors. Their filters are constant Q with grounded center-detent controls. The ME-15B is a two-channel, 2/3 octave device in one rack unit; the ME-30B is one-channel, 1/3 octave in one rack unit. Features include overall level control, bypass mode, 20mm sliders, RFI filtering, and ±6 or 12dB slider range.

The ME-60 is a two-channel, 1/3 octave EQ with sweepable low and high cut, in a two RU chassis. It’s like two ME-30’s in one unit, with some nice extras. It uses XLR, 1/4" TRS, and RCA jack I/O; sliders are 20mm. Need longer sliders? Ask about the GE-60.

ME-30B Mono 30-band




ME-15B Stereo 15-band




ME-60 Stereo 30-band





Models also available with long-throw faders:

GE-215 Stereo 15-band




GE-130 Mono 31-band




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Rane Realtime Analyzer

The Rane RA 27 Realtime Analyzer is a single rack-space unit providing 27 bands of realtime frequency/amplitude information in a 3-LED vertical band format. Broadband signals applied to either the Microphone or Line inputs of the RA 27 are divided into 1/3-octave increments by ANSI Class II filters. The outputs of these are applied to LEDs on the front panel to visually indicate the amplitude of each band. In operation, the RA 27 is used to visually judge the character of the Pink Noise signal received by the measurement microphone. The operator may now adjust a 1/3-octave equalizer for optimum response of a sound system based on the readings presented by the LED display.

The rear panel of the RA 27 includes a Pink Noise Output jack, Aux Mic Input (XLR), a Line Input (1/4" unbalanced), and a recessed Pink Noise Level adjustment. The included Rane MIC 1 condenser microphone, complete with 40-foot cord, is a professional quality back-electret condenser microphone with an omnidirectional pickup pattern. Its power is provided from the RA 27, but may be powered via batteries for other uses. 

RA27       60RNRA27              MFR LIST               $499.00