Comrex STAC
The telephone has always been essential to live broadcast. Studio Telephone Access Center (STAC) puts you in control of your talk shows, call-ins and phoners with great sound, ease of operation and scalable configuration.

STAC incorporates a pair of Comrex high-performance digital hybrids with automatic audio level control. The result is the most natural sounding telephone audio, even when conferencing multiple callers. A compact, rack-mounting mainframe houses the hybrids, the multiline controller and all telephone and audio connections.

The attractive, ergonomic control surfaces offer two operational modes, selectable with a flip of a switch:
Studio/Producer Mode provides both pre-air and on-air caller management. 
Screener Mode simplifies the task of screening and queuing callers. 
Powerful call management can be quickly mastered with minimal training. A single control surface is included for basic operation. For more demanding programming, up to four control surfaces may be used.

Call screening and control are available from any networked computer, using a standard web browser, with the included STAC IP. With STAC IP, your talent can host their shows from anywhere there is an Internet connection or you can economically create more control points from any computer on your local network. No additional computer is needed to serve the STAC IP webpage, as it is served from the mainframe. Your connections are secured by password protection and no dedicated client software needs to be installed. In addition to replicating the call status information on the control surfaces, STAC IP also provides fields for additional information about callers and text “chat” among those on your show network.

Innovative features include an Auto Attendant that automatically answers incoming callers with your custom message and puts them on hold; dedicated control surface buttons to designate the next caller to be placed on air and to activate an external recorder or delay; and program-on-hold audio.

The STAC12 mainframe and control surface are configured for 12 phone lines, while the STAC6 is configured for six lines. Expanding a STAC6 to a STAC12 in the field is quickly accomplished by installing a mainframe extension card and control surface “sidecars”. Read even more about STAC.
STAC-6 Telephone system 60CCSTAC6
STAC-12 Telephone system 60CCSTAC12
Extra control surface STAC6 60CC99000015
Extra control surface STAC12          60CC99000025 
STAC 6 to 12 Expansion kit 60CC99000030

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The JK Audio Broadcast Host turns your desktop into a professional broadcast center. It contains everything you need to get talk show quality phone recordings into your mixer or sound card.

Connect a mic and headphones for a simple broadcast back to the station. Already at the station? Use Broadcast Host in your newsroom to record high quality interviews. Broadcast Host allows you to send mic and line level signals into the phone line while maintaining excellent separation between your voice and the caller. The stereo output jack on the back of the unit provides your voice on one channel and only the caller’s voice on the other channel. The balanced XLR output jack contains only the caller’s voice.

The digital hybrid connects audio signals to a standard analog telephone line without the transmit / receive crosstalk common to analog hybrids. The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) continuously monitors both the phone line and audio signals to deliver excellent separation. This proprietary, dual-convergence echo canceller algorithm can achieve excellent separation, typically exceeding 50 dB, without any setup and without sending a noise burst down the line.

Broadcast Host provides connections for a microphone, headphones, mixer, sound card, telephone and your analog telephone line. An auxiliary telephone is only required to place outgoing calls. The auxiliary telephone is disconnected when you press the “Call” button, and reconnected when you press the “Drop” button.

Broadcast Host features Auto-Answer/Auto Disconnect for use in IFB and monitoring applications. Other applications include telephone interviews, talk shows, church PA interface, and conference room full duplex applications.

Host           60JKHOST    
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JK Audio ComPack

If you need to get audio in and out of analog phone lines, PBX systems, even cell phones, you need the ComPack from JK Audio. Perfect for Remote Broadcasts, IFB feeds, or interviews over any phone connection, the ComPack also functions as a simple telecom interface for your beltpack intercom system. This no-frills feature allows you to connect the 3 pin male XLR to your beltpack intercom group. This provides a full duplex, always-on connection to any telephone network.

ComPack            60JKCOMP    
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JK Audio innkeeper 1

Can you imagine a digital hybrid for only $780.00?  Enter the innkeeper 1! Perfect for radio or television talk shows, teleconferencing, or auto-answer IFB feeds, the innkeeper gives you excellent caller audio without the transmit receive leakage common to analog hybrids. All the common-sense features you’ve come to expect from a JK Audio product are present. With a front panel headphone jack and volume control, you can monitor the send signal, the caller’s voice, or a mix of the two. The output is also sent to the rear panel screw terminals, allowing you to add a monitor speaker. Connections include mic/line switchable XLR input, XLR caller output and an additional user defined XLR output.

JK Audio didn’t stop with the innkeeper 1.  The optional Guest Module 1 Remote Keypad designed exclusively for use with the innkeeper 1 gives you remote access to the on-hook / off-hook and dial features of the innkeeper.  The Guest Module connects to your innkeeper using an 8-pin RJ45 modular cable, which provides remote power, eliminating the need for batteries or an external power pack. 

JK Audio innkeeper 1


JK Audio innkeeper 1r rack-mount version


JK Audio Guest Module 1 Remote Keypad


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Excalibur HC-1 Handi-Coupler

Use the Handi-Coupler on remotes and around the station: on-air, production, the newsroom, the sales office, and in the sports kit. The HC-1 connects in series with the handset of any telephone using modular connectors. Since a connection to the telephone line is not required, the HC-1 can be used with almost any telephone in single or multi-line, modern electronic or

older key systems.

Pressing the front panel button disconnects the handset and connects the external audio in/out jacks to the telephone. Releasing the button reconnects the handset, allowing normal use of the phone. External audio is connected via separate input and output jacks. Both inputs and outputs are 1/4" TRS jacks wired so that you may use either balanced or unbalanced connectors.  


Please note:  This is not a telephone hybrid.  It is not suitable for conversing with telephone callers on-air.  If you want to put a phone caller on the air or record two-way interviews, consider one of the products on this page referred to as a "hybrid". 




Comrex Telephone Couplers

These couplers provide clean transformer connections between your telephone lines and external audio equipment. Designed for send-or receive-only applications, they have modular telephone jacks for the phone line and for a telephone set.

The TCB-1 Manual Coupler provides a switched hold connection. Balanced audio input or outputt is on a single 1/4" TRS connector. The unit does not require power.

The TCB-2 Auto-Answer Coupler answers the telephone line on the first ring and disconnects that line when the caller hangs up. An A/C power supply is included. I


Please note:  These are not telephone hybrids.  They are not suitable for conversing with telephone callers on-air.  If you want to put a phone caller on the air or record two-way interviews, consider one of the products on this page referred to as a "hybrid". 



TCB-1 Manual Coupler


TCB-2 Coupler & Pwr Supply


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COMREX DH Series Hybrids

The DH20 is an inexpensive digital hybrid designed to connect a telephone line to audio equipment. It includes several features only available in more expensive units, such as selectable caller control and auto answer/disconnect.

The DH22 performs the functions of two digital hybrids in a single rack mount unit. In addition to including all features of the DH20, it provides two interfaces to allow call conferencing of two telephone lines. Automatic Gain Control adapts every call to ensure the best quality audio.

The new DH30 is a full-featured, programmable digital hybrid with record and cue functions. AES/EBU connections allow you to establish a direct link between the DH30’s digital signal processor (DSP) and a digital console. Audio processing functions include equalization, expansion, compression, bass-boost, and auto ducking. The DH30 also features selectable auto mix-minus and acoustic echo cancellation.







(Note: Older versions of the DH-20 and DH-22  require talk battery to function. They will not work with handset adapters, switches, or PBX extensions that provide only a dry line.)

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Excalibur Hybrid Adapter

Use your favorite broadcast hybrid with most any phone: old, new, single or multi-line. It hooks up through the handset connector. With the button out, your phone works as normal. With the button in, the handset is disconnected and your hybrid is on line. The performance of the hybrid is the same as though it were connected directly. Connectors are modular phone jacks.

(Note: Will not work with Gentner DH20, DH22, or SPH10 Hybrids.)

Hybrid Adapter

Telos ONE-x-Six System

The ONE-x-Six is a phone system with all of the phone interface gear needed for talk show programming. A compact housing holds both a Telos ONE digital hybrid and a six-line broadcast phone system.

Use the ONE-x-Six to place calls, put callers on hold or on the air, and to conference. The system has sophisticated automatic gain control, super trans-hybrid loss of better than 40dB, program on hold feature, and special functions including control of external recorders and delays.

The ONE-x-Six is ideal for talk shows that seek Telos quality but don’t need the even greater sophistication of the Telos Direct and 1A2 Interface Modules. Switch Console not included.



Telos Switch Console


Telos ONE Digital Telephone Hybrids

 One of the best values in telephone hybrids anywhere, and year after year a customer favorite thanks to automatic adjustment to each call, sophisticated AGC on input and output, an advanced downward expander on the caller audio, and digital processing to reduce dramatically the chances for feedback when monitoring with open speakers.

Telos ONE has two outputs and a switchable mic/line input. Choose between rack mount and modem case versions, which can also rack mount with optional hardware.

The ONE plus ONE starts with two Telos ONE digital hybrids in a single rack unit chassis. Each hybrid functions independently. An internal mix-minus matrix cross couples the outputs of the two hybrids. In a dual hybrid application, you need only send the ONE plus ONE a single mix-minus.

All of the Telos ONE features are included.

Telos ONE rack mount version


Telos ONE modem case version


Telos ONE plus ONE


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Telos Hybrid Accessories

The Auto-Answer board has simple line SEIZE and DROP.  The Super Auto-Answer features remote control of line SEIZE and DROP,  selectable number of rings before answering, dial tone detector for failsafe line drop, DTMF decoder with open collector outputs, and other features. A special Super Auto-Answer version allows users of 1A2 Key Systems to select phone lines using a standard multi-button desk set. Either can be used with the Telos 100 Delta, ONE, and ONE plus ONE. Call 1-800-732-7665 for Your Best Bradley price

Telos Auto-Answer


Telos Super Auto-Answer




Conex FlipJack

The FlipJack is a new addition to the Conex line of cell phone interface products and is designed to interface to the Motorola brand StarTac phones or other cell phones that have a 2.5 mm hands-free adapter jack.  This compact, self-contained unit has two XLR mic inputs, one switchable to line level.  A front panel LED level and low battery indicator are provided, along with a headphone jack with level control, and a tuner input for off-air monitoring.  It provides a balanced line-level output, and operates from its own 9v alkaline battery.  The cellphone interconnect cable is provided, and an adapter is available to use the FlipJack with a dial-up line in the event that cell connection is not available.

FlipJack                60CNFJ10             

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JK Audio RemoteMix Sport

The RemoteMix Sport takes the great features of JK Audio’s RemoteMix 3 and adds a third microphone and headphone jack and more. Sports broadcasters asked, and JK delivered. Combining an audio mixer, headphone amplifier, telephone hybrid, and PBX telephone interface in one rugged unit, the RemoteMix Sport is perfect for remote broadcasts, sport events, and field reporting from any location.

RemoteMix Sport                

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JK Audio RemoteMix 3

Plug RemoteMix 3 into any phone line or handset cord, and you have an instant Remote broadcast facility, IFB patch, or live interview station.  Featuring two XLR mic inputs, RCA line in/out and two headphone jacks, plus a DTMF dial pad and VU meter, this powerful little mixer really brings it home!  Runs on two 9V batteries, or included AC adapter.  Functions as a telephone when attached directly to a phone line. 

RemoteMix 3                


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JK Audio RemoteMix C+

The RemoteMix C+ from JK Audio is a combined audio mixer, headphone amplifier and telephone hybrid in one! Perfect for remote broadcasts, sport events, and field reporting from any location. Plug your RemoteMix C+ into an analog phone line, connect a couple of microphones and headphones, and you’re ready to call into the station. Switch the “Phone Line” switch to “Dial / Talk” and dial using the RemoteMix C+ tone keypad. In your headphones, you will hear a mix of both microphones and the line in jack, as well as the audio coming back from the other side of the phone call. This headphone mix also comes out of the back of the unit on a RCA jack and on an XLR balanced jack, which are adjustable from line level to mic level, for PA system or tape deck feeds. The built-in time delayed peak limiter helps to control transmit levels. You can also connect RemoteMix C+ to a cellular telephone equipped with a fax/modem interface. This is an adapter that converts your cell phone into the equivalent of a standard RJ-11 phone jack. Just connect this adapter between the RemoteMix C+ phone line jack, and your cell phone and you are ready to go wireless.

RemoteMix C+                
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JK Audio Inline Patch




Whether you’re a radio station, a TV Station or a cable talk show, you need the INLINE PATCH Telephone Audio Interface from JK Audio. The Inline Patch is a small box that connects between the base of an analog phone and the wall jack, allowing you to continue to talk on the phone and access audio on both sides of the call.  With two back-to-back hybrids for complete control from both sides, the Inline Patch lets you mix sound bytes or conversation into your call. One stereo output jack provides your voice on one channel and the caller’s voice on the other channel. A second output jack contains a mix of both voices. A front panel control for each output offers all the control you’ll ever need.

Inline Patch                

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